Fundraising Tips

2011 Race fundraising is closed.

Registration for the 2012 Race will open in April 2012.  Participation in the Race is the first step toward running breast cancer out of town.  You will be able to fund raise by accessing your Race Center, which will allow you to email your friends, family and coworkers. 

Even beginners find getting pledges easy - just ask! People will be happy to support our vision of a world without breast cancer.

Get a jump on your 2012 Race fundraising by reading the tips below:

To download a pledge form click here.

Here are some tips to help you with your fundraising:

  • Start asking for pledges early!
  • Set a goal and tell people what it is. Let everyone know that you’re training for the Komen New York City Race for the Cure and need their donations to help find the cures for breast cancer.
  • Research your company’s matching gift program. You could double your money!
  • Learn about Komen Greater NYC and where the money goes.
  • Remember to thank every individual who helps you reach your goal. Let them know they’re making a difference.
  • Provide updates - let people know how much you’ve raised and how close you are to reaching your goal.

Fundraise on Facebook

Increase your fundraising ability! Add the Race for the Cure® boundlessFUNDRAISING™ application to your Facebook page. The app will insert a fundraising thermometer on your Facebook page so friends can make pledges in your support and follow your fundraising progress. It's easy, just log in. Then, click the Fundraise with Facebook button in your Participant Center to install.

Things You Should Know

  • Up to 75% of our net revenue is used to support local community-based organizations in the five boroughs of New York City, on Long Island, and in Rockland and Westchester Counties that provide breast health education, screening, treatment and other services to underserved members of our communities. Additionally, 25% of every dollar we raise funds peer-reviewed national clinical research programs.
  • Donations are tax-deductible.
  • Learn more about our grant programs.
  • You could win a prize! Learn more about our pledge prizes.
  • Know key deadlines by viewing the pledge information page.

You Should Ask

  • People you see daily - especially those who know you’re participating in the Race. So many lives have been touched by breast cancer, you'll find lots of support.
  • People in your phone, address and email lists - everyone you know who would encourage you in your commitment to the fight against breast cancer.
  • Others as you think of them. People will be honored to be part of your effort.

Remember to ask

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Co-workers
  • Customers/clients
  • Vendors
  • Your banker
  • Your doctor(s)

Ways to ask

  • Via email
    When you register, you receive your own personal Race Center (as long as you’ve provided your email address). Use this tool to create an address book and email all of your friends, family, coworkers, etc.

    You Can:
    • Customize your message
    • Collect pledges by email
    • Get pledge payments via credit card
    • Forward emails to others, expanding your reach!
  • Via Letter
    Send letters to people on your list without email.
  • Through others
    Ask your parents, friends, spouse or significant other to pass the word around to their friends and coworkers.

Pledge Amounts

Be clear about your goal. Ask everyone to give something and make it clear that no amount is too small. Every contribution will make a difference — even if it's only $5.00.

Remember, $5.00 each from 20 people is $100.00!


  • You're not raising money for yourself. You're raising money to eradicate breast cancer.
  • Every pledge you collect makes a difference!
  • Be creative and have fun!