Team of the Week

keep aBreast


Formed by two friends in 2010 after years of Race participation

Friends Ellen Hauptman and Karen Hass have participated in the Komen Greater NYC Race for the Cure® for many, many years.  In 2010, they decided to form their own team, keep aBreast.  “This is a cause we both feel very strongly about,” said Hauptman.  “Unfortunately, we know too many people who have been affected by the disease.”  The inaugural team had 13 members and raised $20,076.55.  This year they hope to raise even more.


The team is made up of friends, colleagues and a couple of breast cancer survivors.  “We’ve all been touched by the disease,” said Haas.  “We’re dedicated to ridding the world of breast cancer.”

The disease has impacted every member of the team — with either a family member or close friend having received a diagnosis.  “Our teammate Peggy has just completed her final surgery and, fortunately, is on the mend,” explained Hauptman.  “It will be a pleasure and honor to participate with her this year.

The co-captains recruit new team members by being “…very good pests.”  Said Haas,” We ask and ask and ask.”  Both women are involved in various networking groups and actively encourage everyone they know to join the team and participate in the Race. 

Their most effective fundraising technique is contacting everyone they know, regardless of where they live.  “We encourage them to give whatever they feel comfortable donating,” said Hauptman.  And every dollar raised makes a difference.  The women also use Facebook and LinkedIn.  This summer, they will be holding several fundraisers including Tupperware and Silpada Jewelry parties.  They also are selling their cookbook, Pink Ribbon Cooking.

The co-captains have been encouraged by the increase in the number of pink shirts every year.  When asked if they had a favorite memory from the team’s first Race, the women cited Senator Charles Schumer posing with their team t-shirt.  “Great for our first year!”