Team of the Week

Team PepsiCo

PepsiCo associates committed to make a difference in their community.

Team PepsiCo was founded in 2009 rooted in the belief that PepsiCo associates have an incredible opportunity to make a difference.  “The drive to do good for others and our communities…is ingrained in the PepsiCo culture, said team co-captain Renee Garbus.  “And, naturally, creating a Race team generated significant excitement.”


2010 Team PepsiCo "Be Fearless"
campaign t-shirts and sign along
Central Park West

In 2009, the team had 136 associates.  Last year, members doubled to 343, raising over $45,000.  “As the growth of our team shows, PepsiCo associates are committed to making a difference in our communities with unified efforts and a shared mission,” said co-captain Tina Batton. This year, the team fundraising goal is $45,000.  The co-captains are energized by the team’s rapid growth, tremendous support from the company, and the involvement of PepsiCo brands over the past two years.  This year, PepsiCo is a Platinum Race sponsor.

The team is made up of PepsiCo associates, family and friends — many of whom have been moved to action by seeing a mom, sister, aunt, friend or colleague impacted by breast cancer.  Some have experienced the disease themselves.  It’s a diverse group of people from difference backgrounds and experiences, united by the common goal of finding the cures. “We walk for our colleagues, friends and family that have faced this disease, and the friends and extended family who have been there in support of every step along the way,” noted the co-captains.

Last year, volunteers created a “Be Fearless” campaign to help recruit team members.  This year’s campaign theme is “Be Inspired.”  Posters have been placed in common areas like the cafeteria and gym and coupled with online promotion using the internal PepsiCo site and daily internal newsletters.  The co-captains also encourage associates to use social media and traditional word-of-mouth to spread the word to colleagues, family, friends and other members of the community.

Employee Resource Groups – women, Hispanic, Asian, African-American and GLBT networks — work tirelessly in getting the message out.  The weekly online newsletter has showcased a “Story of the Week” highlighting the personal experiences of those who are walking, in the hopes of inspiring others.   A recent story quoted a 40-year-old employee diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer who stated, “Because of the SGK organization, and family and friends who support this cause, I was given a second chance at life. This cause is near and dear to my heart because I'm a breast cancer survivor.”

The week before the Race, the team hosts a PEPRally to bring team members together to celebrate the team, educate employees, elevate awareness about breast health and inspire others to support the cause.  This year, Dara Richardson-Heron, Komen Greater NYC CEO, will be on hand for the event.

The company’s Performance with Purpose mission inspires the team and drives its fundraising efforts.  This year, it is planning a raffle fundraiser and bake sale to help exceed the team’s fundraising target.

The team’s favorite Race memory include lining up for the team photo.  “it was awesome to see the team proudly displaying our ‘Be Fearless” mantra,” said the co-captains.  “We also loved crossing the finish line and having our PepsiCo products being sampled by Race participants and volunteers.

“Being there together made us realize how many of our colleagues, family, friends and members of the Greater New York City community we had reached in our efforts to promote the event and express our unique mission.  We hope to see an even larger group this year! “