Team of the Week

Team Ilene

A new team honoring Ilene Jaroslaw, currently battling breast cancer

Team Ilene will be participating in the Race for the first time this year.  Its captain is David Jaroslaw.  The team’s inspiration — his wife.  Ilene Jaroslaw is a 48-year-old mother of three — Tobias (14), Simone (12) and Naomi (7) — is currently battling breast cancer.

Duckman (554) - Copy.JPG

Team captain, David Jaroslaw
and daughter Simone running
the Duckman.

In May, she had surgery for the removal of cancerous lymph nodes and a lumpectomy.  When it was determined that the cancer had spread to most of her breast, Jaroslaw underwent a mastectomy.  She began chemotherapy in June, and her last treatment is schedule for September 19th — the day after the Race.  When the chemotherapy is completed, Jaroslaw will have additional surgery and radiation.

Both lawyers, the couple met at the law firm where they began their careers.  Their romance blossomed while training together for the 1990 New York City Marathon, and they were married one week after the 1992 running of the event.  They have shared their passion for running and exercise with their children, and Toby and Simone have joined them in some races.

David Jaroslaw is busy working and traveling, while Ilene manages medical appointments and the kids, so building a team has been a challenging.  However, the couple has emailed more than 200 people asking them to join and/or make pledges to the team.  The Jaroslaw children also involved and are contacting friends and their parents.    Right now, the team consists primarily of family members.

Their efforts have resulted in fundraising beyond their expectations.  “I think our original goal was $1,000,” said David Jaroslaw.  “But we exceeded that number and increased the amount.”  They have changed their fundraising goal five different times.  To date, they’re raised over $5,300 and have upped the goal to $6,000.  “We’ve been amazed at our friends’ generosity, “ said Jaroslaw.  “Obviously, if we get close to that amount any time soon, we’ll raise it again.  The donations have flowed in at — for us — an astonishing pace.”

Ilene hopes to participate in the survivor events at Race including running with other women in pink shirts at the front of the crowd.  She considers herself an “aspiring survivor,” because she’s still in treatment.  Her greatest dream?  To one day hold her grandchildren in her arms.