Team of the Week

The Pink Ponies

Celebrating survivorship and life

Victoria Terenzi created The Pink Ponies in 2007, the same year she was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer.  “On Race Day, I was still undergoing chemo with surgery (a double mastectomy) and radiation still in the future,” said Terenzi.  “Breast cancer has greatly affected my life, both as a survivor and daughter of a woman who died from the disease.”

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The first year, the team had 40 members and raised $9,000.. That year, The Pink Ponies was one of the top Race fundraisers, and Terenzi was among those honored at the 21 Club as part of the Pink Honor Roll.  Last year, it had 29 members and raised $3,657To-date, the team has raised $15,000.

Team members include Terenzi’s work colleagues, her sister’s friends, and her daughter Samantha’s friends and field hockey team.  “My team members are either friends, work buddies, family members,” she said.  “And, it has gotten even bigger, because people have joined because, they want the cool t-shirts that we make each year!”

Terenzi spreads the word about the team through Facebook, at her daughter’s school and with emails through the Komen Greater NYC Race website.  She was very successful with fundraising the first year, while she was still in treatment.  “People felt like they wanted to help me through it.”  She finds her personal story makes a difference.  “Perhaps when I ask people to participate and donate, there is a bit of guilt…that they want to help me as a result of my experience.”

This year Terenzi and The Pink Ponies are being featured in a video profile made by new Komen Race sponsor Verizon on its FiOS 1 Long Island channel.

When asked about her favorite memory, Terenzi said, “For me, it is the sea of pink and people that come together each year for an amazing cause.

“I can’t help crying as we begin and end the Race, not because I am exhausted, but because I am so happy to be here!  I am healthy and feel great and so thankful for my friends and family on the Pink Ponies team!”