Team of the Week

Team Gould

Honoring Lisa Gould’s courage fighting metastatic stage IV breast cancer

Team Gould was created to honor Lisa Gould, who was diagnosed with metastatic stage IV breast cancer shortly after her 30th birthday. Started by one of her co-workers, the team was created in 2011, when it had 20 members and raised $18,000. This year, Team Gould had 47 members and has raised $22,741 to-date – more than its goal.

“Luckily, Lisa had health insurance, which makes a difficult situation slightly easier,” said Brian Kaufman, team captain. “She has always been concerned about those women who have to battle the addition stress of not being able to afford appropriate medical treatment.” Team Gould was founded to help women without or with inadequate medical insurance in the hopes of giving them the ability to focus on their emotional and physical recovery.


Lisa Gould rolling along the Race route along with other team members.

“When Lisa was diagnosed, the cancer had already spread to her spine,” said Kaufman. A few months after starting treatment, the disease had spread to her brain. “Lisa has been fighting her cancer like an absolute hero over the past year and one-half,” he explained. “She has displayed the kind of courage that few, if any, could fathom.”

Lisa has undergone chemotherapy, brain radiation and surgery. In addition to receiving world-class medical treatment, she has had a fantastic support network of friends, family and co-workers who love her and are helping her to fight cancer “head on.”

These important people in Lisa’s life are the core of Team Gould, brought together by their common passion – a world without breast cancer. Facebook has been a great resource for recruiting new team members. Team Gould’s most successful fundraising technique is merely telling Lisa’s story. Because she was diagnosed at such a young age, her experience impels people to want to join the fight.

“Lisa wants to promote EARLY detection,” explained Kaufman, “because her disease went undiagnosed for a period of time due to her young age. Her story shows that breast cancer can affect ANYONE regardless of age.”

When asked about the team’s favorite Race memory, Kaufman spoke about last year’s event. “Lisa was unable to complete the Race without a wheelchair, because the cancer had metastasized to her spine,” he recalled. “However, at the end of the course, she was able to walk across the finish line on her own two feet – with the most wonderful smile.”