Team of the Week

Team Macy's

Reflecting the diversity and commitment of the company

Team Macy’s has had a Race team since 2010. Last year, it had 103 members and raised $5,964. This year, it had 97 members. To date, it has raised $4,950.

“Macy’s has been a staunch advocate of the breast cancer awareness movement for many years,” said Tara Troy, team captain. “It seemed natural to continue our commit to Komen by creating a Race team that would give our New York employees an opportunity to get involved in the movement.

Arvin Clones

Team members in front of the
Macy's booth at the Race
Sponsor Expo.

Macy’s Race teams have been made up of a diverse group of men and women from different metro areas, age groups, ethnic background and business functions within the company. “These teams and the Greater NYC Race team reflect the diversity that makes up our company,” said Troy. “It also shows how much breast cancer affects so many people regardless of who they are.”

Team Macy’s has had survivors cross the finish line with the team, as well as those who have been affected by breast cancer through family members, friends, colleagues and neighbors. “So many of us have watched an important woman in our lives go through this disease,” she explained. “Because it’s such a personal topic for so many, word tends to move around quickly, and people are eager to get involved.”

Each team member have his/her favorite technique for fundraising. But the team encourages members to fundraise by sending out letters to their personal connections, educating their contacts about how important the cause is to them.

The team’s favorite Race memory comes from the first year they crossed the finish line together, as a group. “It was such a rewarding feeling after all the hard work we had put in toward fundraising, “said Troy. “Everyone felt a greater sense of accomplishment about what we had been working towards!”