Team of the Week

Pace University

Students, Staff and Faculty Working Together to Achieve a World Without Breast Cancer

Pace University has had a Race team since 2004. It was founded by Ellen Mandel, PhD. A long-time supporter of Komen Greater NYC, she has served as Race Hospital Chair for several years. Mandel created the team to increase Pace’s support for the Race, as well as to bring together students, faculty and staff – from both the university’s New York City and Pleasantville campuses – to fight breast cancer.

Last year, the team had 135 members and raised $4,111. Mandel, a professor in the Media, Communications and Visual Arts Department, is the team captain. For the past three years, Pace senior Elissa Casa has served as “assistant captain,” assisting Mandel with team administration and preparation. Team members include students, faculty and staff along with their families and friends.

Team acCounting on a Cure

Showing off Pace's largest college/
university team award.

“Breast cancer has affected the lives of many of our team members,” said Mandel. “Some are survivors, while others have had family and friends affected by the disease. Those who have not been touched participate in the Race in the unified hope that one day we will live in a world without breast cancer.”

The team recruits new members starting in the spring, when emails go out to potential participants informing them about when registration will begin. Throughout the summer, Mandel and Casa follow up with past team members, as well as students, faculty and staff who have participated in other fundraisers on and off campus. Fliers and posters are displayed around the New York City and Pleasantville campuses from early summer until the weekend of the Race.

“Spreading the word” is the primary fundraising tool for the Pace University team. “We encourage team members to tell their friends and family about the Race team and ask for support,” said Casa. “We suggest that they let people why they are involved and why they believe in the cause.”

When asked about the team’s favorite Race memory, Mandel cited that over the past several years Pace University has won an award for being the largest Race college/university team. Each year, Dr. Mandel announces the Race school team honors. “Hearing Pace’s name called and watching her present one of our team members with the award is a proud moment for the entire team,” recalled Casa. “It’s the perfect way to end a great day!”