Team of the Week

Team Phoenyx Fitness

All for one and one for all to fight breast cancer

Team Phoenyx Fitness was created in 2010. Last year, the team had about 15 members and raised $1,575. This year’s fundraising goal is $4,000. “We want to try to at least double what we raised last year,” said Malenna Saunders, team captain.

Phoenyx Fitness offers boot camps and personal fitness training for busy people who want to get in shape and stay in shape. “Our company is based on the concept of teamwork,” explained Saunders. The boot camps promote the mantra of “no soldier left behind. We believe in all for one, and one for all,” she continued. “So it wasn’t hard to bring everyone together for such an important cause.”


Team Phoenyx Fitness 2011
Race t-shirt.

Team Phoenyx Fitness is made up of people from all walks of life who live in New York City or the tri-state area. They are people who like to work out and love the outdoors, boot camps and Phoenyx.

“Last year, the team included a breast cancer survivor, which made it even more personal for me,” said Saunders. “I have always loved the energy of the Race and empowering women that show up to speak, run and promote the cause.” Most of Saunders’s clients are women, so any event that the company gets involved in is meant to encourage empowerment and working together. “It’s highly motivating and contagious,” she explained.

Saunders recruits team members by inviting people to join at all its boot camps. Phoenyx sponsors a run clinic to help people prepare for the Race, which is not only open to clients/team members but also anyone who is going to be participating in September. “It’s more than just the event for us,” she said. “After we run the Race, we all go out afterward for brunch and fellowship.” Phoenyx considers the Race an annual event even though this is only the team’s third year.

Team Phoenyx has a happy hour each year to help raise money for the team, which has been highly successful. “Most establishments are more than willing to allow teams to bring their people in and offer specials on drinks to help raise money for such a great cause.”

When asked about the team’s favorite Race memory, Saunders explained that Phoenyx is a relatively small company. “Our most memorable moment was when they announced our team at the finish line,” she said. “LOVE! It was great being acknowledged!”