Team of the Week

Team Pink Panthers

A first-time team inspired by a co-captain’s mother — a breast cancer survivor.

This year will mark the first Race for the Pink Panthers, co-captained by Pamela Keenan and Amanda Esposito. The nascent team is raring to go, hoping to raise $1,500 for the 2012 Race and Komen Greater NYC’s vision of a world without breast cancer.

The team inspiration is Amanda’s mother, who was diagnosed in March 2011 with Ductal Intraepitheal Neoplasia — a form of breast cancer that affects the tissue in the milk ducts. After undergoing several unsuccessful surgeries, Amanda’s mother decided to have a double mastectomy and reconstruction. Due to her surgical choice and the fact that the cancer was stage 1, she has been spared chemotherapy, radiation and Tamoxifen treatments.

Pink Panthers

Pink Panthers team members,
shown at a prior event, are
excited about their first Race!

“We’re running the Race for her,” exclaimed the co-captains.

The team will be made up of at least six women — college friends who all graduated in 2009. Last year, they started doing competitive fundraisers together. “We have found it a meaningful and fun way to come together for a great cause,” explained Keenan.

Every member of the team’s core knows Amanda’s mother. Keenan’s grandmother was a breast cancer survivor and several of her hometown friends’ mothers are also survivors. “We all want to work together to raise money and awareness of the disease, as well as help support research to find the cures,” said Kennan.

The co-captains are trying to recruit members by is using the Komen Greater NYC Race Facebook application, emails and word of mouth. They have invited friends to like their Facebook page, “Sistahs Run the City,” which includes links that allow people to sign up for or donate to the team and posts information about team fundraising events.

The co-captains hope to raise about $1,000 from planned fundraising activities — an open bar event, 50/50 raffles and sale of the original team t-shirt. They are also working on putting together a Zumbathon.

Why is the Race important? “This Race shows us that there are some things in this world bigger than ourselves. It means coming together and doing something that can make positive change”, Kennan explained. “Raising money brings us that much closer to a world free of breast cancer.”