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    Breast Health Overview

    Early detection is key to surviving breast cancer.

    Protect yourself with three easy steps:

    1. Annual mammogram (starting at age 40) if you are at average risk– Talk with your health care provider about the best time to start having mammograms if you have a family history of breast cancer or an increased risk of developing breast. S/he may advise you to start getting mammograms at an earlier age.
    2. Clinical Breast Exam (starting at age 20) – You should have a clinical breast exam by a trained medical profession at a minimum of every three years before age 40 and annually thereafter.
    3. Monthly Breast Self Exams (starting at age 20) – It is important to examine your breasts monthly. View an excellent multimedia demonstration on how to do a breast self-exam English | Spanish (Adobe Flash required)

    Practice these steps and spread the word to those you love!

    Worried you won’t remember? Komen Greater NYC can help. Sign up for our annual mammogram and breast self exam reminder today!