2015-2016 Community Partners



Education and Outreach

Planned Parenthood of Nassau County, Inc.
$64,500 Sisters United in Health
Sisters United in Health serves as a bridge to wellness for the woman who is without the financial, social, medical, or other support services that can mean life or death when it comes to breast cancer. Sisters’ essential, life-saving activities will help more than 5,000 medically-underserved women of color overcome barriers to care by linking them to the vital breast health education and screening services they both need and deserve. 200 will receive a referral for a mammogram and/or clinical breast exam at a local CSP.
(516) 877-4331 Angelica Medina, Bilingual Outreach Coordinator amedina@adelphi.edu


Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
$52,288 Increasing Minorities’ Breast Screenings & Follow-Ups
To reduce high mortality and morbidity rates from breast cancer among minority women, Witness Project of Harlem (WPH) and Esperanza y Vida (EyV) are culturally targeted education programs aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge about breast health for African American and Latina women with a focus on women with low-income, limited English proficiency, and without insurance. They aim to navigate 150 women who are past due for clinical breast exams/mammography and 100 who are past due for follow-up of abnormal findings. They will also focus on providing sustainable connections to accessible health care providers for those with no insurance or for whom English is a second language.
(212) 824-7806 Karent Zorogastua, Project Coordinator Karent.Zorogastua@mssm.edu
Independence Care System
$64,500 Breast Screening Project for Women with Physical Disabilities
ICS’s Breast Cancer Screening Project aims to increase awareness about and access to breast cancer screening for women with physical disabilities and promote our innovative, collaborative model. The program will coordinate 45 initial and 45 annual mammograms, assure 100% of women receive a clinical breast exam (CBE), provide escorts to 45 women for initial mammograms and 35% of women for annual mammograms, provide navigation services to 100% of women for follow-up procedures, support 100% of women diagnosed with breast cancer through treatment, and gather data on the women’s experiences.
(718) 907-1614 Anna Martinez, Project Coordinator amartinez@icsny.org
Long Island Jewish Medical Center
$64,499 LIJMC Cancer Community Connection
The Cancer Community Connection Program (CCCP) serves the regions of Southeast/Jamaica, Queens and Nassau County. The program works with a broad network of collaborators to reduce breast cancer mortality rates, particularly among African American women, through patient navigation services and increase screening rates through outreach and education, with a focus on Hispanic, South Asian, undocumented, and under/uninsured women. The efforts of the CCCP, synchronization of patient-centered care through multiple departments, and the collaborative efforts of the community all work to improve screening rates and reduce mortality rates among African American women and others in the target communities.
(718) 470-4034 Kaitlin Doyle, Project Manager kdoyle@nshs.edu
Michael Callen-Audre Lorde Community Health Center
$64,500 Breast/Chest Cancer Screening Access Project (BCCSAP)
As the preeminent health center in NYC with a mission to serve LGBT communities in all of their diversity, regardless of ability to pay, Callen-Lorde is uniquely situated to provide culturally sensitive Breast/Chest Cancer Screening Access Project (BCCSAP) services for lesbian and bisexual women and individuals of transgender or gender non-conforming experience (LBT) across the five boroughs of New York City. The BCCSAP plans to provide 2,800 CBEs, care coordination services for 375, 1,000 reminder phone calls, translation services for 25, transportation assistance for 100, and ensure 250 mammogram/CBEs.
(212) 271-7201 Jodie Roberts-Chapman, Patient Navigator jrchapman@callen-lorde.org
Morris Heights Health Center, Inc.
$42,998 Healthy Woman
Targeted to women age 40 and over in the Bronx, the program seeks to increase breast cancer screening in the Bronx community, in a culturally- and linguistically-competent manner, with an emphasis on uninsured women ineligible to apply for insurance through the ACA and hard-to-reach populations; including new immigrants, socially isolated populations, individuals with limited literacy and people for whom English is not their first language. The program will provide breast cancer screening services through mammography to 500 women, breast cancer services through CBEs to 500 unscreened women, and facilitate access to CBEs and mammography services to 300 outreach/education event participants through program activities. Activities will include increasing awareness and access to breast cancer screening on-site and through their partner mobile unit, and increasing breast health knowledge through educational presentations, workshops and through one-on-one breast health education.
(718) 483-1270 Brenda Ventura, Project Manager bventura@mhhc.org
Nyack Hospital
$64,496 Screening Coordination Program
The Screening Coordination Program, in partnership with the Cancer Services Program (CSP) of the Hudson Valley Region, will provide breast health education, screenings, diagnostic, treatment, and support services to medically underserved women, 40 years of age and older, residing in Rockland County. The program goal is to reduce the glaring statistical disparities in breast cancer’s impact among areas traditionally underserved with a focus on Hispanic/Latina, Haitian and African American women. The proposed project expects to serve minimally 750 medically underserved women.
(845) 348-8503 Luisa Lopez, Patient Navigator lopezl@nyackhospital.org
Open Door Family Medical Center, Inc.
$65,500 The Open Door Family Medical Center Breast Health Program
The Open Door Breast Health Program encompasses the culturally and linguistically appropriate support services that facilitate access to education, screening, diagnosis, and treatment for low-income, predominantly minority, and often undocumented, women of Westchester County that call Open Door their Medical Home. Our projected impact for the 2014-15 program year is to serve 5,000 women 21 to 65. This includes 2,000 women 21 to 40 years of age with education, annual clinical breast exams, and patient navigation services as needed, and 3,000 women over age 40 with education, clinical breast exams, and patient navigation services for everything from initial screening and mammograms through secondary diagnostics and treatment.
(914) 502-1374 Liana Fixell, Coordinator of Special Programs lfixell@odfmc.org
Peconic Bay Medical Center
$64,409 Taking Care of You
The program will provide under/uninsured women working and residing in Suffolk County access to breast cancer screening, diagnostic and treatment services. Of particular concern for this program are women 40 and older who are geographically/culturally isolated, medically underserved and members of Hispanic, African American and immigrant populations. The major activities for this program focus on those tasks that decrease barriers for women to complete their breast cancer screening/diagnostic services. CSP staff will enroll underinsured/uninsured women for clinical breast exams and mammograms 1,485 of these women will complete their breast cancer screenings. 650 women will be referred to the bi-lingual Patent Navigator and complete their diagnostic work up. 30 women diagnosed with breast cancer will receive financial support/patient navigation services.
(631) 548-6963 Nicole Menard, Outreach Coordinator nmenard@pbmchealth.org
Project Renewal
$64,500 ScanVan Mobile Mammography Program
ScanVan’s mission is to increase access to breast healthcare and reduce breast cancer mortality among medically underserved women age 40 and above. ScanVan’s primary focus is screening coordination, with goals to promote access to screening for medically underserved women by coordinating screening dates with community organizations; reduce barriers to screening by providing CBEs and mammograms to all patients at no cost; optimize patient health outcomes by providing navigation for patients with abnormal results. The program aims to provide CBEs and mammograms to 4,800 women and anticipates that 15-20% of patients will require follow-up.
(631) 581-4171 Mary Solomon, Project Director mary.solomon@projectrenewal.org
Southampton Hospital
$64,500 Navigating to Survive & Thrive
Navigating to Survive & Thrive will provide screening coordination and treatment support to more than 500 under/uninsured women on the East End of Long Island. Focusing primarily on Latina immigrants, Patient Navigators (including a bilingual navigator) will attend "Pink Days", assist 380 women with paperwork for screening, provide telephone reminders and translation, and link them to our Neighbors Helping Neighbors (financial assistance) services.
(631) 726-8715 Susan Barry Roden, Project Director sroden@southamptonhospital.org
St. John’s Riverside Hospital
$64,500 Yonkers Community Breast Health Program
Project’s priorities are coordinating screening, education and outreach, facilitating access and providing comprehensive medical care for women with breast cancer, targeting African-Americans, Latinas, immigrants and the underinsured/uninsured. As a result of this project, 2,000 women will receive patient navigation services, 100 will receive clinical care management, 1,000 women will complete low-cost clinical breast exams, and 1,800 will complete screening mammograms.
(914) 964-4769 Cheray Burnett, Project Coordinator cburnett@riversidehealth.org
$64,500 SABHA (South Asian Breast Health Action)
The goals of SABHA are to improve screening rates among South Asian women and provide breast health education. Activities for the project include the following: recruit and develop Action Groups of 10- to 12 women at five key locations throughout the city, implement a community outreach event targeting 100-120 community members, identify at least four to five eligible women per member who have not been screened within one year and provide one-on-one breast health education, assist clients with making and keeping a breast screening appointment, provide clients with post-screening follow-up support, and implement a patient communication enhancement component.
(718) 828-9772 Moumita Zaman, Director of Outreach and Advocacy moumita.n.zaman@gmail.com
Woodhull Medical Center
$64,500 Connecting Women to Breast Health
This program will target African American and Hispanic women in the North Brooklyn area. Key activities include partnering with community providers to raise awareness about the need for early screening and to facilitate successful referrals by ensuring all providers follow the same guidelines. Fifteen providers and 30 residents will be trained in breast cancer screening, including eligibility, performance of CBE, referral process, and use of electronic health record to schedule mammograms. 300 women with abnormal screening results will be assisted to diagnostic and follow-up care, and 30 newly diagnosed women will be enrolled in long-term comprehensive cancer care and support services.
(718) 963-8607 Laurel Nadler, Community Manager Laurel.Nadler@woodhullhc.nychhc.org

Support and Treatment

Cancer Support Team
$64,500 Supportive Nursing Care and Practical Help for Underserved Breast Cancer Patients and Families
The overall project goal is to reduce healthcare disparities, increase access to at-home supportive nursing care and safety net resources, improve the ability of patients to cope with the challenges of a cancer diagnosis, reduce anxiety and distress, and enhance their quality of life. CST will deliver linguistically and culturally sensitive bilingual professional nursing services and provide financial assistance to up to 75 underserved breast cancer patients and families to help pay for treatment-related expenses such as insurance co-pays, transportation, childcare, nutrition supplements, supermarket gift cards, and other living expenses such as rent and utilities.
(914) 777-2777 Lucille Winton, Project Director lwinton@cancersupportteam.org
Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, Inc.
$64,500 Project Breast Education and Screening Together (BEST)
The purpose of Project BEST is to provide a culturally sensitive breast cancer program that supports Chinese American women residing in New York City. Treatment support is provided in the form of monthly support groups for Chinese American women who have been diagnosed with or who are survivors of breast cancer, allowing women and their families to access ongoing emotional support from an organization the community has grown to trust. The program will implement 11 breast cancer support groups that are each culturally and linguistically tailored to the Chinese American population. To raise awareness about the early detection of breast cancer, methods of screening, and availability of cancer screening and support services, they will publish eight newspaper articles in a Chinese language newspaper and conduct four breast health workshops.
(212) 226-6682 Maggie Wong, Community Manager mwong@cbwchc.org
The Family Center
$64,500 Project Talk
The Family Center’s Project Talk program provides integrated legal and social services to NYC women with breast cancer and their families, over 95% of whom are minority and Medicaid-eligible. Project Talk will serve 75 women with breast cancer (55 of them new to program) and 60 family members. Services are free, available in Spanish, English, and French and offered in home and hospital. Outreach activities target providers and consumers and ensure that Project Talk services are accessible to women most in need.
(718) 230-1379 X143 Rebecca Kim, Social Services Supervisor rkim@thefamilycenter.org
Gilda’s Club New York City
$38,259 Support and Education for Underserved Afro-Caribbean Women Living With Breast Cancer in Brooklyn
Gilda’s Club New York City plans to expand its offsite support program for Afro-Caribbean breast cancer patients at King’s County Hospital in East Flatbush, Brooklyn using a Customized Cancer Support Program to address disparities in care for women of color by providing support, education and empowerment throughout the cancer continuum. Referrals to current onsite support groups and a cancer referral resource guide will provide patients with comprehensive cancer support. The estimated number of total encounters is 390 for all activities.
(212) 647-9700 Migdalia Torres, Project Manager mtorres@gildasclubnyc.org
God’s Love We Deliver
$64,500 Nutritional Care for Women Living with Breast Cancer
God’s Love We Deliver projects to help 300 breast cancer patients and their families with over 70,000 nutritious meals this year to supplement their treatment. All clients receive nutrition counseling from dietitians, and dietitians also educate at-risk populations about nutrition’s role in breast cancer prevention and recovery. As a result, breast cancer clients will report improved health outcomes and knowledge of nutrition.
(212) 294-8100 Dorella Walters, Project Director DWalters@glwd.org
Nassau/Suffolk Law Services
$64,500 Permanency Legal Assistance Needs (PLAN) Project
The PLAN Project provides legal services to persons with breast cancer in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, including those on the East End of Long Island. Services will be in the form of legal advice and representation in a wide range of civil matters, with the following goals: 1) Secure the client’s income and address issues of consumer and medical debt; 2) Assure the client’s access to health care; 3) Prevent loss of housing; 4) Address family stability and domestic violence issues; 5) Assist with future planning, including advance directives, health care proxies, wills and guardianships. The project will serve 75 persons with breast cancer, with priority to low income persons.
(631) 232-2400 X3329 Victoria Osk, Managing Attorney vosk@wnylc.com
Richmond University Medical Center
$64,500 RUMC Collapsing the Barriers
The Collapsing the Barriers program will provide support and treatment for minority and underserved women and men with suspicious findings or diagnosis of breast cancer residing on the North Shore of Staten Island and ensure screening and diagnostic tests are completed in a timely manner. RUMC will identify barriers, provide patient support, make referrals to community resources, educate women about results and recommended diagnostic and treatment procedures, assist culturally diverse patients to achieve adherence, and track patients from documented suspicious findings through testing, diagnosis, and treatment.
(718) 818-1025 Roseann DeVincenzo, Project Director rdevincenzo@rumcsi.org
United Cerebral Palsy of New York City, Inc. (program funded by a grant from Walgreens)
$75,000 Breast Health Awareness for Women with Disabilities
UCP of NYC will increase breast health awareness and screening rates for women with physical and intellectual disabilities in underserved neighborhoods of New York City with a focus on Richmond County. Four radiology centers will be trained to improve access to mammograms, 10 primary care providers will be trained to assess breast cancer risk using clinically recognized risk assessment tools, and 500 women with disabilities educated on breast health awareness. One hundred women will receive referrals and follow up to culturally sensitive screening providers, and 50 patients will receive navigator assistance for screening and, if necessary, follow up treatment.
(917) 816-3572 Kathy Kelly, Project Director kkelly@ucpnyc.org

Komen National Breast Cancer Patient Navigation Program (funded by Walgreens)

Albert Einstein College of Medicine
$199,507 The BOLD Buddy Program: Integrating Lay and Professional Navigation to Enhance Breast Cancer Patients' Access to Support
The goal of this project is to utilize peer-based patient navigation to increase the rate of inner city women who proceed with timely diagnostic follow-up after an abnormal finding on breast imaging. Each year, there are 550 women recalled after screening mammography who do not return for diagnostic mammograms, and another 100 recommended for biopsy who do not follow up. Towards reducing this loss, this program builds upon a peer navigation program for breast cancer patients, the BOLD Buddy Program, to expand the role of Buddies to that of "screening companions" offering first response support to those facing barriers to diagnostic follow up. This program will take the Buddies beyond the walls of the cancer center to establish their place in the Breast Imaging Clinic whereby 16 peer navigators will provide telephone outreach and onsite clinic support for women in need of diagnostic testing. This program has the potential to reduce cancer disparities from the point of screening onward.
(718) 430-2380 Alyson Moadel-Robblee, Ph.D. cancersupport@einstein.yu.edu


Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
$145,000 (Second year of a two-year grant) PRIME (Promoting Immigrant Minority Equity in Cancer Research
PRIME’s goal is to increase immigrant enrollment in cancer studies and research by targeting Spanish, Mandarin, English, and Russian-speaking immigrants in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. The research focus will be on biospecimens and personalized breast cancer treatment. PRIME aims to educate 300 women through workshops and online, enroll 150 women into breast cancer research, educate 30 providers, and educate all participating Institutional Review Boards.
(646) 888-4245 Claudia Ayash, Program Director ayashc@mskcc.org