2016-2017 Community Partners


Education and Outreach

Planned Parenthood of Nassau County, Inc. — $63,750
Sisters United in Health
In the 2016-2017 grant year, Sisters United in Health will help more than 5,000 medically-underserved women of color overcome barriers to care by linking them to the vital breast health education and screening services they need. 200 will receive a referral for a mammogram and/or clinical breast exam at a local CSP.

Angelica Medina, Bilingual Outreach Coordinator
(516) 877-4331



American Italian Cancer Foundation (funded by Walgreens) — $75,000
No-Cost Breast Cancer Screening Program
AICF’s Mobile Care Clinic provides NYC women with no-cost mammograms, clinical breast exams and breast self-awareness education services, in particular those facing economic, health insurance, geographic, citizenship, cultural or linguistic barriers to health care. AICF partners with community organizations in targeted neighborhoods to bring screening services to these communities.

Ruth Vega, Director of Cancer Screening, Outreach, & Education
(212) 628-9090


Long Island Jewish Medical Center — $63,748
LIJMC Cancer Community Connection
The Cancer Community Connection Program serves the regions of Southeast/Jamaica, Queens and Nassau County. The program works to reduce breast cancer mortality rates, particularly among African American women, through patient navigation services and increase screening rates through outreach and education, with a focus on Hispanic, South Asian, undocumented, and under/uninsured women.

Kaitlin Doyle, Project Manager
(718) 470-4034


Michael Callen-Audre Lorde Community Health Center — $63,750
Breast/Chest Cancer Screening Access Project (BCCSAP)
On a mission to serve LGBT communities in all of their diversity, regardless of ability to pay, Callen-Lorde provides culturally sensitive Breast/Chest Cancer Screening Access Project (BCCSAP) services for lesbian and bisexual women and individuals of transgender or gender non-conforming experience throughout New York City. The BCCSAP will provide 2,000 CBEs, care coordination services for 400, 1,500 reminder phone calls, 400 referrals, navigation services for 400, and ensure 250 mammogram/CBEs.

Jodie Roberts-Chapman, Women’s Health Care Coordinator
(443) 867-2511


Nyack Hospital — $63,746
Screening Coordination Program
The Screening Coordination Program, in partnership with the Cancer Services Program of the Hudson Valley Region, will provide breast health education, screenings, diagnostic, treatment, and support services to medically underserved women, 40 years of age and older, residing in Rockland County. The program will reduce the statistical in areas traditionally underserved with a focus on Hispanic/Latina, Haitian and African American women, serving at least 700 women in the 2016-2017 grant year.

Luisa Lopez, Patient Navigator
(845) 348-8503


Open Door Family Medical Center, Inc. — $63,750
The Open Door Family Medical Center Breast Health Program
For the 2016-2017 grant year, The Open Door Breast Health Program will serve 5,000 women 21-65. This includes 2,000 women 21-40 years of age with education, Clinical Breast Exams, and patient navigation services as needed. This also includes 3,000 women over age 40 with education, Clinical Breast Exams and patient navigation services for everything from initial screening and mammograms through secondary diagnostics, treatment, and survivorship.

Liana Fixell, Coordinator of Special Programs
(914) 502-1374


Peconic Bay Medical Center — $63,750
Taking Care of You Program
Taking Care of You will ensure 650 women complete their diagnostic services, 30 women diagnosed with breast cancer complete their treatment services and assist 15 women diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. This will reduce delays in care for women with abnormal screening findings and increase access to support services for women with breast cancer and metastatic disease, targetting women 40 and older, medically underserved Hispanic, African American and immigrant populations.

Nicole Menard, Outreach Coordinator
(631) 548-6320 X102


Project Renewal — $63,750
ScanVan Mobile Mammography Program
Project Renewal provides mammograms and Clinical Breast Exams at accessible community locations in all five boroughs and Suffolk County, as well as navigation for patients with abnormal screening results. For the 2016-2017 grant year, the program aims to provide CBEs and mammograms to 4,500 low-income, minority women and anticipates that 15-18% of patients will require follow-up.

Mary Solomon, Project Director
(631) 581-4171


St. John’s Riverside Hospital — $63,750
Yonkers Community Breast Health Program
The SJRH Breast Health Program ensures access to screening, timely follow-up for diagnostic treatment and provision of support services for women in the medically underserved Yonkers community. The program aims to serve 3,000 individuals for the 2016-2017 grant year. The programs outreach workers will increase access to early screening and patient navigators will enhance screening coordination, case management and comprehensive support services.

Cheray Burnett, Project Coordinator
(914) 964-4769


SAPNA NYC — $63,750
SABHA (South Asian Breast Health Action)
The goals of SABHA are to improve screening rates among South Asian women and provide breast health education. SAPNA will recruit and develop Action Groups of 10- to 12 women at five key locations throughout the city, implement a community outreach event targeting 100-120 community members, identify at least four to five eligible women per member who have not been screened within one year and provide one-on-one breast health education, assist clients with making and keeping breast screening appointments, and provide clients with post-screening follow-up support.

Moumita Zaman, Director of Outreach and Advocacy
(718) 828-9772


Southampton Hospital — $63,750
Navigating to Survive & Thrive
Navigating to Survive & Thrive will provide screening coordination, and treatment support services to more than 500 underinsured/uninsured women on the East End of Long Island. Focusing primarily on Latina women, staff will navigate women through the healthcare system in order to obtain screening and provide translation assistance. The program’s Latina Support Group will provide support throughout the treatment process for those diagnosed. Financial assistance will be offered to those diagnosed and in need following screening.

Susan Barry Roden, Project Director
(631) 726-8715


Staten Island University Hospital — $63,750
Breast Health Navigation Program
Staten Island University Hospital’s Breast Health Navigation Program will provide in-depth, culturally competent patient navigation services to targeted high-risk populations on Staten Island’s north shore. This area contains some of the most medically underserved, high-risk populations in the region. As a primary focus, the Breast Health Navigation Program will recruit a minimum of 200 African American, Hispanic and undocumented women into screening and care. A bilingual Patient Navigator will be recruited to remove logistical, financial, emotional, and psychosocial barriers to screening and care for at least 200 women. The Program’s secondary focus will reach 2,500 women with outreach/education on breast health and early detection.

Raimonda Clark, Associate Executive Director of Cancer Services
(718) 226-6463


Woodhull Medical Center — $63,750
Connecting Women to Breast Health
This program will target African American and Hispanic women in the North Brooklyn area, raising awareness about the need for early screening and facilitating successful referrals by ensuring all providers follow the same guidelines. Navigators will coordinate screening and diagnostic appointments and link women with breast cancer to care and support services. Over time, the program anticipates an increased access to preventive and diagnostic screening among women 50+ and younger women at high risk in their communities.

Laurel Nadler, Community Manager
(718) 963-8607


Wyckoff Heights Medical Center — $63,750
Her Health First/ Mi Salud Primaria
Her Health First/Mi Salud Primaria (HHF) targets primarily Hispanic and Black women, age 40 and older, of low socioeconomic status in the underserved Brooklyn neighborhoods. HHF employs outreach and in-reach by community health workers to engage women in screenings. Wyckoff will engage 960 new women in screening, connect women with atypical findings to diagnostic care within 30 days, and connect newly diagnosed women to cancer treatment within 30 days.

Marie Jacqueline Nieto, MD, Director of Oncology and Hematology
(718) 240-1795


Support and Treatment

Cancer Support Team — $63,750
Supportive Nursing Care and Practical Help for Underserved Breast Cancer Patients and Families
For the 2016-2017 grant year, CST will deliver linguistically and culturally sensitive bilingual professional nursing services and provide financial assistance to up to 88 underserved breast cancer patients and families to help pay for treatment-related expenses such as insurance co-pays, transportation, childcare, nutrition supplements, supermarket gift cards, and other living expenses such as rent and utilities.

Lucille Winton, Project Director
(914) 777-2777


Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, Inc. — $63,750
Project Breast Education and Screening Together (BEST)
Project BEST supports Chinese American women residing in New York City. CBWCHC will conduct support groups for Chinese-speaking breast cancer patients in Manhattan and Queens, develop a bilingual self-help book for breast cancer patients, and conduct outreach/education activities to inform the community on the importance of early detection. The Health Center will serve 35 individuals via support groups, 50 via the guidebook, 30 via workshops, and 8 via newspaper articles. Project BEST will strengthen the cancer support network available to Chinese speaking community members in NYC.

Maggie Wong, Community Manager
(212) 226-6682


Chemo Comfort — $11,972
Complimentary Chemo Comfort Kits
Chemo Comfort provides cancer patients with product kits to manage chemotherapy side effects. Chemo Comfort’s Kit Complimentary Chemo Comfort Kits program aims to provide kits for 172 breast cancer patients in NYC and lower Westchester and Nassau Counties. Chemo Comfort’s partner organizations will help to ensure kit distribution to the underserved, underinsured, primarily minority, women who self-report lower economic status. www.chemocomfort.org

Anne Marie Paolucci, Founder
(212) 675-3744


The Family Center — $63,750
Project Talk
The Family Center’s Project Talk program provides comprehensive legal and social services to NYC breast cancer patients and their families, over 95% of whom are minority and Medicaid-eligible. Project Talk will serve 75 women with breast cancer and 50 family members. Project Talk will secure income and insurance coverage, prevent eviction, improve housing stability, execute legally viable permanency plans for minors/disabled adults and assist in increasing emotional resilience and coping skills.

Rebecca Kim, Social Services Supervisor
(718) 230-1379 X143


Gilda’s Club New York City — $43,455
Gilda’s Club will provide cancer support and education at Kings County Hospital & Coney Island Hospital HHC facilities that serve low income and immigrant communities.  Referrals to current onsite support groups and a cancer referral resource guide will provide patients with comprehensive cancer support. For the 2016-2017 grant year, there will be an estimated 770 encounters for all activities.

Migdalia Torres, Project Manager
(212) 647-9700


God’s Love We Deliver — $63,750
Nutritional Care for Women Living with Breast Cancer
God’s Love We Deliver will help over 300 low-income breast cancer patients and their families with over 75,000 nutritious meals this year to supplement their treatment. All clients receive nutrition counseling from dietitians, who will educate at-risk populations about nutrition’s role in breast cancer prevention and recovery. As a result, breast cancer clients will report improvements in household food anxiety, medication and treatment adherence, and knowledge regarding the importance of nutrition in management of their illness and improvement in health outcomes.

Dorella Walters, Project Director
(212) 294-8100


Mount Sinai St. Luke’s-Roosevelt/SHARE — $63,677
Breast Cancer Continuum of Care Program
In partnership with SHARE, Mount Sinai St. Luke’s-Roosevelt will provide patient navigator services in English and Spanish in all areas of breast care. We address high-risk screening; support services for late-stage disease; and cultural barriers (limited English language proficiency, poor experiences in the health system and financial obstacles).

Jennie Santiago, Co-Director, LatinaSHARE
(212) 937- 5585  


Nassau/Suffolk Law Services — $63,750
Permanency Legal Assistance Needs (PLAN) Project
The PLAN Project provides legal services to persons with breast cancer in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, targeting women of color of the East End of Long Island through outreach. Staff attorneys will provide legal advice and representation in civil matters, but giving priority to matters that create barriers to the client's ability to obtain appropriate treatment, such as Medicaid and health insurance issues. The project will serve 75 persons and will improve diagnostic and treatment follow-through and health outcomes for black women and East End residents.

Victoria Osk, Managing Attorney
(631) 232-2400 X3329


New York Legal Assistance Group, LegalHealth Division — $42,500
LegalHealth Breast Cancer Advocacy Project
LegalHealth provides legal services onsite at their healthcare partners who serve low-income, underserved NYC women with breast cancer, including those of African descent, Hispanics, and immigrants. LegalHealth expects to handle 130 legal matters for 70 women with breast cancer. LegalHealth will also train 125 cancer specialists to identify the legal needs of their patients and make referrals. This division will provide community education to 700 individuals on their legal rights and options of cancer patients.

Randye Retkin, Director, Legal Health
(212) 613-5080



Albert Einstein College of Medicine — $199,507
Second year of a two-year grant
The BOLD Buddy Program: Integrating Lay and Professional Navigation to Enhance Breast Cancer Patients' Access to Support
Each year, there are 550 women recalled after screening mammography, and another 100 recommended for biopsy who do not follow up. Towards reducing this loss, this program builds upon a peer navigation program for breast cancer patients, the BOLD Buddy Program, to expand the role of Buddies to that of "screening companions" offering first response support to those facing barriers to diagnostic follow up. 16 peer navigators will provide telephone outreach and onsite clinic support for women in need of diagnostic testing.

Alyson Moadel-Robblee, Ph.D.
(718) 430-2380