Small Grants Program

Nonprofits in the Komen Greater NYC service area can apply for up to $2,500 for a Small Pilot or Capacity-Building Breast Health Program Grant. These grants are for organizations interested in beginning a new program or test new ideas that will increase the innovative capacity and effectiveness of breast health programs that serve low income and uninsured patients. Capacity Building is enhancing an organization's ability to provide services by redesigning processes, implementing new practices, or developing collaborations or partnerships.

Some examples of specific projects that could be funded under these grant guidelines include:

  • An organization applied for a grant from the Greater NYC Affiliate and the application was declined. In an effort to improve the application, the organization could design a project that addresses the concerns identified during the review process, and, as a secondary outcome, enhance the organization’s application for the next grant application cycle.
  • A current grantee realizes that its program is ineffective or could be more effective (for example, 1,000 women are receiving educational information, but only seven sought a mammogram or an organization continually underutilizes its funding). The organization could apply for a grant to help evaluate and then redesign their project with the goal of improving their project’s outcomes and effectiveness.

  • Komen Greater NYC will consider Small Grants applications four times a year. Award notifications are generally made within six to eight weeks after the deadline.

    Download the Small Grant Application to view the eligibility and submission requirements. Please note that the application process has recently changed.

    If you have questions regarding Small Grants, please contact our grants department at 212-461-6189or