Survivor Portrait Gallery

The Survivor Portrait Gallery, a collaboration between Mark Jason Photography and Komen Greater NYC and now Todd Ehrlich, highlights and honors breast cancer survivors.

We will occasionally feature co-survivors in the gallery — people, whose gestures, big and small, have made a difference in the lives of breast cancer survivors, whether they’ve just been diagnosed or completed treatment years ago.

This Survivor Portrait Gallery combines Mark’s inspiring photos of survivors and co-survivors with their words and stories and Todd’s telling of their stories on video. The ongoing project will result in large collection of survivor and co-survivor pictures and narratives.

Survivors and co-survivors are invited to submit an application and photo. Featured profiles will chosen by a Komen Greater NYC panel.

How to Apply

Download the survivor application form or the co-survivor application form, whichever is applicable to you. Fill it out and return it to Leslie J. Yerman at Please include a recent picture of yourself (any kind of snapshot will do).

Those chosen will be contacted by Mark to make arrangements to take the portraits at a mutually convenient time. Survivors and co-survivors will receive a digital copy of their portrait as a gift from Mark.

Mark Jason and Komen Greater NYC

Mark Jason

Mark Jason

Mark Jason has been involved with Komen Greater NYC since 2005, when a staff member asked his wife to join the Annual Awards Luncheon Committee. Lynn Redgrave spoke at the event, movingly discussing her experience with breast cancer, as well as how she and her daughter documented every step of Lynn’s journey in words and photographs. Mark was touched, moved and inspired. He became more involved in the organization and has been a part of the Komen Greater NYC family every since.

For the past four six years, Mark has photographed many of our events, including the Annual Awards Luncheon and the Komen Greater New York City Race for the Cure®. (You can see his work as part of Race and Luncheon slideshows on our website.)

He looks forward to touching the lives of survivors with his art and sharing a special moment with them that will be captured for posterity. Passionate about his work, Mark will make his subjects feel very comfortable wherever and however they are being photographed.

His goal is to capture the essence of the survivors he photographs, showing who they truly are or who they want to be. He is happy to photograph those chosen in their homes, with their families and friends, with pets. However they envision themselves, he will help make the vision a reality.

He also looks forward to photographing co-survivors, capturing the essence of those who have helped a family member, friend or colleague through their breast cancer fight.

Todd Ehrlich and Komen Greater NYC

Todd Ehrlich

Todd Ehrlich

Todd Ehrlich won the prestigious Emmy Award as the producer of WCBS TV’s one-hour special, The Komen Race for the Cure. It was a high point in his involvement with Komen Greater NYC, whch began in 2008. Using his talents, and the resources of T-LINE TV, Todd has continued his association by donating his talents to produce the videos to coincide with the survivors gallery.

In 2011, Ehrlich produced a feature for the WCBS-TV special, Komen Race for the Cure, that featured Mark Jason and the Survivor Portrait Gallery. Ehrlich and his WCBS TV cameraman Carlos Vasquez, were impressed with the power of the concept of the survivor gallery and the altruism displayed by Mark Jason. Todd felt that the Survivor Portrait Gallery could have another dimension if Mark’s photographs and the stories of the survivors were brought to life through video.

These strong, powerful, courageous survivors are photographed in an environment of their choosing: a place they feel captures their true essence. The goal of the videos is to capture their passion for life and enhance the power of their message. Their stories will serve as an inspiration for all who view them.

Todd then enlisted the talents of Andrew Siceloff, Michael Colin and Carlos Vasquez, all highly skilled and experienced videographers and editors, to help execute the look and feel for these pieces.

Michael Colin has more than a decade of video experience under his belt. After being approached by Todd and hearing the stories from breast cancer survivors, through the Komen Greater NYC organization, Michael felt motivated and inspired to join the cause by donating his services to help others experience these inspiring tales of bravery and courage. Mike’s talents have helped to bring Ehrlich’s vision to life.

Andrew Siceloff is our newest videographer/editor, whose work has been seen on major broadcast outlets and in digital media around the world. He is CEO of the production company Solana Creative. Andrew’s goal is to use the power of storytelling to change people’s hearts and minds. “When you share something personal and intimate,” he says, “that affects us powerfully.” After hearing about the work and talent going into the Survivor Portrait Gallery, he was eager to join the team. The stories told there are inspiring to people from all walks of life and it is Andrew's goal to portray them honestly, helping spread their powerful message.

It is our collective hope — Mark’s, Todd’s and Komen Greater NYC’s — that our efforts can inspire the people who view these survivors’ extraordinary stories.

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