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Race Support Help Videos!

Are you a visual learner? Do you wish that you could just see it done rather than reading about it in some FAQ or help file? YouTube to the rescue! We've put together some video walk-throughs, some long, some short, to answer common questions that we hear. If you have a question and it is not covered here, let us know - others are probably looking for it too!

Race Registration - Need help registering? This is the video for you! Covers the various registration options, including Forming a New Team and registering multiple participants in one registration flow. In just under 10 minutes you will know more about registration that you even knew existed.
Race Center Introduction - Need help managing your personal or team pages? Your Race Center is where you need to go. This walk through takes just over 8 minutes and touches on the various tools available to you.
Race Center Address Book - Did you know you can import your contacts from just about anywhere else? You can put them in groups, see what pre-configured groups they are already in... Not sure which donors need to be thanked - there's a group for that! This video will give you a quick overview of the various Address Book features that will help you manage your contacts and your communication!
Retrieve My Donors for Past Events - Are you looking for a list of donors that have donated to your page in previous years? If you have 99 seconds, you can learn how!
Team Name Update - Did you come up with a better team name, or perhaps noticed a type-o? If you are the team captain, you can update the team name - even create a short cut to the team page in less than two minutes... This video accomplishes both in 2:09!
Shortcut URLs, I can do that!? - Tired of typing that ridiculous, long link to your personal or team page? It will take you longer to watch this video (1:51) than it does to make the change (about 20 seconds)!
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