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2018 Race for the Cure!

Meet Your Race Coaches

We're on a mission: No one should die from breast cancer. And to help you accomplish that mission, we've enlisted our best army.

Meet your Komen Coaches.
Your Komen Coach is your new best friend. Having trouble asking for donations? We know what to say. Not sure if someone donated to your team or your page? We'll check it out. Want to come up with some super awesome fundraising ideas? Now we're talking. Whatever you need, your Komen Coach is there for you.

Who's the strongest person you know? Of course, my Mom. Her mother battled breast cancer for 18 years, and then at 49 was diagnosed herself. My mom took her diagnosis and tackled it head on with strength and a big smile.
Name your favorite thing about the Race for the Cure. At the Race, there are these pink cards that you can pin to your t-shirt that signifies who you are walking in honor of or in memory of. My favorite part is to read all the names of why people get up bright and early to come out and Race in Central Park.
What's the best fundraising idea you've seen? Fitness class fundraisers! I think people appreciate something that can be done as a group AND count as pre-race training.
Tell us your best piece of advice for someone fundraising. My best advice for someone fundraising is they are not alone. Here at the Komen office we are here to assist them every step of the way. What does that look like? We can meet for coffee and have a planning meeting to set a goal and come up with a few strategies on how to reach your financial goal. Our main goal is to help participants increase their fundraising, make it easy and have some fun along the way!
What are you most looking forward to at the 2017 Race? Every year Komen is looking to increase the number of survivors. We have a Bold Goal to reduce the number of breast cancer deaths by 50% in the US by 2016. I'm most looking forward to seeing the number of survivors present at the Race grow in size year after year.
What is something surprising about the Race for the Cure? This year there will be a Recovery Zone after the Race sponsored by Northwell Health. Stop by this area with a team member, no one should recover alone.
What's motivating you right now? In 2016, Carly was diagnosed with breast cancer at 22-weeks pregnant and Raced for the Cure a month before her due date. Almost a year later, she's got an awesome husband, a beautiful baby boy, and a cancer-free diagnosis. Carly is a rockstar, and she reminds me everyday why I'm here.
What is something surprising about the Race for the Cure? Every year there's a new twist. I'll let you in on a 2017 secret… This year you can Cyc for the Cure! Swap your walking shoes out for cycling shoes and let's spin breast cancer out of town.
Tell us your best piece of advice for someone fundraising. Know what you're fundraising for. If you know what your dollars will do, you'll be more passionate about the cause, and asking friends for donations won't feel weird. With Komen, you're providing local women and families with life-saving services (mammos, meals during treatment, and more), AND contributing to national research to find the cures.
It's the night before the Race ― where can we catch you? Definitely eating a well-balanced meal to prep for a fun and busy day! Other than that, trying to get a full night of sleep in order to be as energetic as possible for all of the racers and supporters on Race day.
Name your favorite thing about the Race for the Cure. Walking into Central Park on any given day of the year, rain or shine, is always a surprise. You never know what you'll find or who you'll run into. This is no different on the day of the Race. Feeling that overwhelming sense of accomplishment that racers and their families feel as they dash through the finish line and enjoy the Expo Area is something that makes all of our hard work here at Komen more than worthwhile.
What's your best piece of advice for someone going through cancer? A friend of mine once described the concept of impermanence to me and I apply this to everything in life now. Nothing lasts forever and this is exactly why we have to make the most of the time we have here and keep on fighting the cancer battle, one day at a time. The pain and worry that you are facing will not last forever, and together we are powerful and can overcome anything!
What's your favorite thing about the work you do? My work in community outreach gives me a sense of urgency, in the best sense: if I work well I can help someone with breast cancer. Breast cancer patients I meet are extremely strong and highly motivated to ensure the health and safety of all — their generosity and tireless willingness to work hard to reduce death by breast cancer is contagious.
What's motivating you right now? Eliza Adams has moved me to work hard to ensure that no one should die from breast cancer. After she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, Eliza left her banking career to devote her time and energy to helping women with metastatic breast cancer. She motivated, supported and became a trusted friend and advisor to so many women, ensuring they wouldn't face the recurrence of their cancer alone. She inspired me to take action, and showed me by her example that I should aim to be an effective advocate, too. Eliza died this April at age 56. I race for Eliza Adams and all the women with metastatic breast cancer — you give me reason to stand up and do everything I can to make a difference.

Breast Cancer is Hard. THIS is a Walk in The Park!

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