Ignite Personal Fundraising Program

Ignite Personal Fundraising

Ignite Personal Fundraising Program

Our Ignite Personal Fundraising Program gives you the power to involve your community and make an impact in the fight against breast cancer. Through this program you can create a uniquely personal and interactive fundraiser that challenges your friends, family, and coworkers to join Komen Greater NYC in fulfilling our promise to end breast cancer as a life-threatening disease.

Please note: If you wish to sign up for the Race for the Cure and raise funds, please visit our Race site and use the links on the right side of the page to register.

Fundraisers that qualify for Ignite fall into three categories:

  • Private Fundraisers: These include barbeques, dinners, birthday parties, bat and bar mitzvahs, weddings, anniversaries, and other events.
  • Social, Educational or Workplace Fundraisers: These institutions can create a culture of philanthropy through Ignite by hosting a luncheon, bake sale, donation drive, Jeans Day, Pink Day, or other simple fundraisers.
  • In Tribute: Ignite can be used to celebrate survivorship or to memorialize someone who has passed on. By donating through your personalized Ignite page, individuals can make a donation in your loved one’s name.

Participants can donate directly to Komen Greater NYC online, making the donation process quick and easy. They’ll be able to instantly see how their donation is making an impact through the fundraising barometer on your Ignite page.

Together we can Ignite change and achieve our vision of a world without breast cancer.

It’s easy to create and promote your personal fundraising through Ignite.

On your Ignite personal fundraising page, you can share your story of how breast cancer has impacted your life and how you are igniting change in your community. Involve family, friends, and co-workers by inviting them to give in honor of a loved one, in support of a workplace or social fundraiser, or in lieu of gifts for a special event.

Creating and sharing your page is easy. Start now, and invite others to join you in the fight to end breast cancer forever.

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