See You on September 9th
for the 2018 Race for the Cure!

2017 Race for the Cure

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On September 10th our team joined thousands of New Yorkers and breast cancer survivors in Central Park for the Komen Greater NYC Race for the Cure. The Race is one day a year, but our commitment to finding a cure is an ongoing effort.

Year by year, story by story, and dollar by dollar, the efforts of fundraisers save lives. Komen helps New Yorkers by delivering food to women in treatment, offering transportation to chemo, and providing screenings. It also helps fund more research, reduce disparities, and find the cure.

We need your support… the breast cancer community at large needs your support. Please give generously, every dollar counts! Let’s race towards one goal: no one should die from breast cancer.

Please donate, and together, we WILL create more survivors! 

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Offline Fundraising Champions!
NameTotal Raised(via Race Center + Offline)
Amy Arifin$320($0 + $320)
Christopher Birkhofer$875($0 + $875)
Matthew Bouley$795($0 + $795)
Alicia Hayes$1,060($150 + $910)
James Martin$1,228($691 + $537)
Morgan Moss$777($50 + $727)
Winnie Wong$1,293($788 + $505)


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Breast Cancer is Hard. THIS is a Walk in The Park!

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