Welcome to My Personal Page

I will leave the Komen Greater NYC Race for the Cure information up just after my own plea for donations on my behalf:

As you may know I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of this year. I am grateful to have great insurance, a wonderful husband and family and fabulous friends to help me through all of this. I am glad to have gotten cancer in a period when the medical advances are so far progressed. During this period I have used the Komen web site to inform and educate myself as well as interact with other people going through the same experience.

I plan to walk with my beautiful husband on September 18 because we feel the need to give back some of what has been offered to us. Just to write these words brings tears to my eyes, tears of joy, gratitude and wonder. One day we will find a cure, but in the meantime please help me raise money for other women and men who are being diagnosed this very minute.  It isn't easy to be told you have cancer, to take chemo, have an operation or recieve radiation but the goal is life; wonderous, rip roaring, art-filled, loved, hugged, and supported life.

Thank you.