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Team Momma

On the first day of this year, I attended a funeral service for the mother of one of my best friends. She was another young, vibrant, loving mother, gone. Metastatic cancer had taken yet another life. Not without a fight, of course. And man, what a fight it was, so similar to my mom’s. I think often of our tough, bold Mommas together somewhere, finally at peace, watching over us.

I walked into the services focused on being the best possible support for my friend and her family. I wanted to make sure I didn’t cry and I wanted to use the strength I’ve developed since losing my own mom to cancer to help her. Of course, immediately and uncontrollably, I found myself crying, hugging, lost for words, and being no help at all.

At the time I was hard on myself and I wished I could have been better, but in reflection, I think I did exactly what was needed. Those of us that live on after losing our loved ones to breast cancer, we need to come together to feel these emotions, to be united together, and to be sad and angry together. This unity helps give us a purpose amidst all of the darkness. And that purpose, you know it, is to never let our loved ones go in vein. We are determined to use our heartache to inspire change and raise valuable dollars for breast cancer.

Let’s partner with Komen NYC to take the real-life heartache of families like ours, and translate that to progress. Let’s translate grief into valuable cancer research, tears into programs to help screen under-served women, and sadness into education for young girls on breast cancer prevention. Let’s make sure scientists, researchers, physicians, nurses, and patients have every tool available to them to fight on. And most importantly, let’s put an end to cancer and an end to the funerals.

Our families are not unique in losing our mothers to cancer; we are just speaking the loudest we possibly can, together. Join us and Komen NYC by donating to Team Momma today to end breast cancer forever.

When they died they left no instructions. Just a legacy to protect.

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Breast Cancer is Hard. THIS is a Walk in The Park!

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