See You on September 10th
for the 2017 Race for the Cure!

2016 Race for the Cure

Carly Klareich

When I was 22 weeks pregnant I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was able to detect the tumor because it grew due to the hormones from my pregnancy. Essentially my son saved my life. I underwent a lumpectomy on July 1st. My surgery was successful as the doctor was able to remove the entire tumor and there are no signs that the cancer spread. The fight will continue as I begin chemotherapy a few weeks after my son is born. I am so looking forward to his arrival but I wait in anticipation for my treatment. I have had the most amazing support system from friends and family and I am asking for additional suupport! Please join my team if you can make the race (I will be walking since I will be in my 8th month of pregnancy) and donate to this cause. Any contribution is appreciated!




Over thirteen thousand New Yorkers will join over a thousand breast cancer survivors in Central Park on Saturday, September 10, 2016 for the Komen Greater NYC Race for the Cure. Our team will be there to run breast cancer out of town!

The Race is one day a year, but for women and families dealing with breast cancer, the fight isevery day. Finding a cure is an ongoing effort.

Year by year, story by story, and dollar by dollar, the efforts of fundraisers save lives. We help tens of thousands of New Yorkers. The money we raise helps deliver food to women in treatment, offer transportation to chemo, and provide screenings. It also helps fund more research, reduce disparities, and find the cures.

We need your support… the breast cancer community at large needs your support. Please give generously, every dollar counts! Let’s race towards one goal: no one should die from breast cancer.

Join us, and together, we WILL create more survivors!

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Breast Cancer is Hard. THIS is a Walk in The Park!

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